Vegan Revelation

Prepare yourself to discover tasteful Vegan dishes like never before.
Anandinii Vegan Restaurant, East Bali’s largest Vegan restaurant, serving you from October 15,  2023.

Plant-to-Plate Cooking Experience

Discover a unique cooking class with fresh ingredients harvesting and cooking a Balinese 4-course menu with a Vegan twist. Learn how to create flavourful yet guilt-free dishes.

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Welcome to Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen

Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen, located in the tranquil village of Sidemen-Bali, is where you can experience the authentic Balinese cooking class that is more than just learning how to cook – it is a unique experience combining learning about new things while using one-of-a-kind, traditional equipments. ​You will get to enjoy a guided tour around the garden while picking the fresh fruits & vegetables for your own cooking ingredients while learning about their unique characteristics & benefits. Our talented and passionate chefs will then guide you to cook with the traditional Balinese cooking methods using ancient Balinese cooking utensils. Your efforts will then be paid off by enjoying the feast of meals that you have just cooked with stunning views of the greeneries, hills and the Mount Agung from a distance. It is a fun yet educational experience perfectly suited for anyone – from couples to families.

Cooking Class

Discover Indonesian's side through Balinese Cooking Class, finger-linking menu, traditional Bali cuisine and knowledgeable chef for the perfect experience.

Educational Garden Tour

We are happy to offer educational garden tours to groups of all sizes. You will be invited to tour the garden by our guide and see the many tropical herbs and fruit plants here

Organic Farming

Agricultural cultivation technique that relies on natural ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals. These ingredients will be used for our cooking class!


A gentle & slow yoga practice combined with special breathing techniques, great for beginners and for those who prefer a more relaxed style of yoga in which poses are held longer.


Qigong is a meditation that harmonizes body movement, breathing and thought. This meditation is beneficial to reduce stress and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Anandinii Healing

A private session where will help you to un-block and receive a deep rejuvenating healing energy to let go any emotional and physical blockage so that optimum health and self-awareness is achieved.

Balinese Massage

Experience deep rejuvenation and achieve total relaxation with our heavenly Balinese massages. Using generations-old techniques to stimulate blood circulation for a complete relaxation.

Open Hours; 10.00 - 19.00 WITA

Anandinii Vegan Restaurant

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Balinese Vegan Cooking Class

With this program, you will get to discover the art of Balinese Cooking with a delicious Vegan twist. Experience a unique cooking journey, right from harvesting the fresh ingredients, to cooking with ancient Balinese utensils, and enjoying your freshly cooked 4-course Vegan meal surrounded by the beautiful plantations in our very own, purpose-built, organic garden!

Our Experience

Educational Garden Tour

Educational garden tours are one of the activities that we do, the visitors will be explained about the various types of plants in the garden and their benefits.

Organic Farming

Learn and practice the Balinese art of cultivating mother nature's finest gifts.

Cooking Class

Learn and practice the traditional Balinese culinary arts with a contemporary vegan twist.

 “Cooking is about imbibing different cultures and putting them in a plate on the table” — Johnny Iuzzini