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Unwind to The River’s Melody in Our Tranquil Haven

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Riverside lodge facilities in sidemen bali
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Anandinii Riverside Lodge

Discover serenity at our charming Riverside Lodge, nestled on the tranquil riverside of River Unda. Embraced by the soothing melody of flowing waters and enveloped by the lush greenery of surrounding forests and hills, our retreat offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our lodge features a charming Yoga Hall, creating the perfect setting for rejuvenating yoga sessions. Whether you seek solace in meditation by the riverside or wish to stretch and unwind with yoga practice, our Riverside Lodge provides an idyllic sanctuary for relaxation and renewal.

Experience a rejuvenating stay in Sidemen’s secret spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book the Riverside Lodge?

Please enquire directly through the available contact options, and we will inform you with the availability and rates.

Is breakfast included in the stay?

Breakfast is not included however the Anandinii Vegan Restaurant is less than a minute away.

Will I have private access to the Yoga Hall?

The Yoga Hall is a part of Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen’s facility and therefore other guests may use it for a Yoga class.