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Plant-Based Cooking Class In Bali

Balinese vegan cooking class using traditional balinese utensils surrounded by natural landscape of sidemen village

Balinese Vegan Cooking Class in Sidemen

Balinese Vegan Cooking Class takes you to experience an unforgettable holistic cooking journey. Begin with a serene garden tour to discover exotic plantations and handpick fresh ingredients, then discover the art of Balinese cooking using traditional techniques and utensils, and enjoy the delicious 4-course balinese-style vegan menu in our cozy and picturesque restaurant.
Available session:
Morning session 09:30 – 13:00
Afternoon session 14:30 – 17:00

Vegan Cooking Class Itinerary

learning how to harvest rice by the farmer during garden tour session

Educational Organic Garden Tour

The program begins with a Garden Tour where you will explore our large garden and discover several exotic plantations with the guidance of our knowledgeable team

Fruit and Vegetable Harvesting

One of the program’s highlights – have the oppoortunity to harvest fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables to cook later on.

hands-on-vegan-cooking-class in lush greenary of sidemen village

Hands-on Cooking Class

Our attentive chefs will guide you to cook the 4 course Balinese-style Vegan menu, in which you will use several traditional Balinese cooking utensils and practice some unique Balinese cooking techniques along the program.

Enjoying 4 vegan dishes after cooking class session surround with nature

Enjoy Your Creations

Devour into the delicious 4-course Vegan meal that you have just cooked in our cozy restaurant surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

Program Highlights

  • Explore our organic garden with educational tour – learn about traditional farming techniques and discover hundreds of herbs and fruits as well as exotic plantations
  • Handpick and harvest fruits and vegetables for cooking ingredients
  • Learn unique Balinese cooking methods using traditional Balinese utensils
  • Enjoy your freshly cooked 4-course meal surrounded by stunning natural views and our lush garden

Experience a memorable balinese vegan cooking journey with handpicked ingredients, freshly sourced from the organic garden and surrounded by
stunning natural landscapes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the class hands-on?

Yes, the class will be fully hands-on as you will have the opportunity to harvest fresh ingredients and cook with Balinese utensils, making it an immersive experience

How many people in one class?

The maximum number of participants per class is 10 guests. With our large garden and extensive cooking lessons, we ensure that you will be able to make the most out of the program by providing plenty of hands-on opportunities during the program.

I have baby or children to join cooking class, will they be charged?

Infants aged 2 and under can participate with no extra charge. Kids aged 3 to 11 can participate at an additional charge of 50% of the adult price.