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A true paradise with a breathtaking view over the rice fields and lush vegetation of Sidemen, featuring an organic garden where fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants are grown, as well as awellness centre where you can practice yoga, meditation, Qigong, relax with a massage or even take part in a cooking class. The place is exceptional, as is the service. Every member of the team is attentive, always smiling, welcoming and helpful, and incredibly kind. the food is vegan and simply delicious, so much so that i came to the restaurant every day during my stay here.

Everything is perfect, it couldn’t be better! recommend it 100%, you won’t be disappointed at all!

Elodie Gpr

This was our “greenest” cooking experience so far. Cooking while looking at the rice terraces was extremely enjoyable. The vegan dishes we made with ingredients we picked from the fields were very delicious. Our teachers were very attentive and friendly. It was the most beautiful cooking class we experienced in Bali. We recommend it to everyone.

zoot zooty

incredible vegan restaurant. We were here a total of 5 times and were excited every time. The food is very wholesome and all dishes are vegan. The staff was very friendly – thank you for your service.

Absolute recommendation is the “garden roast” and all juice blends. Thank you

Rokas Putramentas

Discover unforgettable experiences with the extraordinary Vegan Balinese cuisines, culture and wellness activities in our stunning natural landscape.