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Our Story

I was born and raised in a small village in Bangli Regency. The story of how I become vegetarian was definitely not a traditional one. My body never paired well with any kind of animal meat since I was little, so I naturally adopted the vegetarian eating habits since I was young. The habits eventually developed into a lifestyle as I started practicing yoga, qigong and meditation regularly, which later came in my journey towards spiritualism. I then slowly started incorporating vegan choices in my life. My life experiences has allowed me to show others the beauty of the balinese cuisine through the modern veganism route. It is a cruelty free and sustainable way to introduce others to my culture, which I am always proud to show.

The Garden was named Anandinii, my Sanskrit (traditional yoga initiation) name which means “one who spreads bliss“, the reason why this place was built. I have always tried to encourage everyone to experience a particular feeling of bliss when they visit our garden. We have been nurturing over 100 different plants, some of them are healing plants, and all are grown organically with organic fertilizer and love; accommodating and welcoming everyone who visits with positive energy.

Our mission is to spread veganism, to support planet healing, and to flourish Sidemen; a cultural village with an abundant healing ambience. You too can help achieve these goals by visiting us and joining our activities. Not only will you contribute to a greater cause, you will get the chance to experience Bali like you have never before!

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Our Team

Anandinii Ayu

Founder of Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen and Bali Qigong Academy

Chef Ngurah

Chef of Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen

Chef Dek Lang

Chef of Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen

Chef Ketut

Chef of Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen

Wayan Sidemen

Assistant Chef of Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen


Assistant Chef of Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” — Harriet Van Horne