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Balinese Vegan Cooking Class
Start from IDR 500k/person, minimum 2 participants

Who knew that guilt-free food could be so full of flavour? With this program, you will get to discover the art of Balinese Cooking with a delicious Vegan twist. Experience a unique cooking journey, right from harvesting the fresh ingredients, to cooking with ancient Balinese utensils, and enjoying your freshly cooked 4-course Vegan meal surrounded by the beautiful plantations in our very own, purpose-built, organic garden.

( IDR 100K surcharge applies for high season period on: July 1 – September 15 and December 23 – January 5)

Sidemen Yoga Center
IDR 700k for 90-minute session for 2 participants

The strong spirituality & calming vibrations of the Sidemen village makes it perfect to practice Yoga. Various types of yoga are available; Ananda Hatha Yoga, Energyzing Vinyasa, Yin Yoga. All options include short guided meditation, breathing techniques, light massages, bottled water and all yoga props.

(Peak season surcharge of IDR 100.000 applies from July 1 – September 15 and December 23 – January 10)

Exotic Balinese Massages and Body Treatments

Balinese Massage: 60mins @ IDR 180k / 90 mins @ IDR 250k
Exotic Body Treatments: 90mins @ IDR 380k

Experience deep rejuvenation and achieve total relaxation with our heavenly Balinese massages. Using generations-old techniques to stimulate blood circulation for a complete relaxation.

A relaxing and refreshing treatment starting with flower foot bath and full body massage, followed by exfoliating natural scrub and milk body mask to stimulate cell activity and restore the pH balance, leaving your skin soft and your mind refreshed afterwards.

Qigong, Meditation, Energy Healing

Qigong, Meditation IDR 700k / 90 minutes session for upto 2 people
Anandinii Healing IDR 800k / 90-minute session for 1 person

Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese Yoga practice that combines various breathing techniques, gentle flowing movements and meditation. It stimulates and enhances the energy flow within our body and the organs to achieve optimum health as well as relieving physical and emotional stress. Meditation gives you a sense of calmness, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional and physical well-being for your optimum health. A private session of Anandinii Healing’s where you will help you to unblock and receive a deep rejuvenating healing energy to let go any emotional and physical blockage, so that optimum health and self – awareness is achieved.

(Peak season surcharge of IDR 100.000 applies from July 1 – September 15 and December 23 – January 10)



The name of restaurant’s The Monk Restaurant, our restaurant with a traditional nuance in the middle of a garden with views of the pond around the restaurant and beautiful hills will give you a different comfort and sensation. Enjoy Balinese and vegan dishes with various menu variants that are available immediately!

“Simple ingredients prepared in a simple way — that’s the best way to take your everyday cooking to a higher level.” — Jose Andres